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by Zkal on Sep 26, 2016 at 04:52 PM
First week of raiding is behind us after many, many years. End result has been visible on the front page and on the progress bar on left. Three killed out of possible seven which is excellent!

All of the bosses that we killed died after few attempts. Nythendra died during our first raid on Wednesday on the 4th attempt while Dragons of Nightmare and Ursoc died after somewhat similar attempt amount on Sunday.

Il'gynoth caused few headaches but we'll have them sorted out for next week. Of course there is also Renferal who we could say hey never know what happens.

Friendly Advice of the Week: Kill order, kill order, kill order. Prioritize adds over bosses when need be.

That be all folks!
by Zkal on Sep 14, 2016 at 10:42 AM
As you've seen from the calendar, we have been checking how many people we have for raiding and what specs. Based on that it seems like we have enough people so we can start raiding!

Current plan is to do raids on Wednesday and Sunday with Wednesday being shorter and Sunday the longer day. Wednesday raids should be like from 21 to 23 while Sunday should be from 19-23 or how people best are available.

Since the raids are flexible, we can take whatever amount of people as long as minimum of ten players is available. That ten should contain at least 2 tanks and 2-3 healers.

We will not have any item level requirement so you can come even bit weaker geared character, though we do wish you to have at least gathered some gear before raiding.
by Zkal on Jul 31, 2016 at 11:57 AM
Three years since last journal entry. Time has gone past quickly. Felt like time was good to make a post in case anyone still remembers to check this page from the old members just to say hey, we're here. If you want to join us on our adventures (mostly doing old content raids) then feel free!

I'll start making weekly entries or news, just to keep life up here too. See you in a month when Legion is out!
by Zkal on Oct 10, 2012 at 11:36 PM
First raid of Mists has come and gone. End result was not what was hoped (due to bugs and gear issues) but at least people had fun (or we hope you had fun!). On top of that we got used to the first boss in Mogu'shan so that next week we can slowly ramp up our raiding back to three raids per week.

Homework for all is to do some Heroics and get some gear up. Most of us are already well on their way to have the best possible gear to start raids but more is never bad. So keep doing Heroics plus LFR and just get gear. We'll start downing bosses the moment everyone is properly geared for them.

by Zkal on Sep 21, 2012 at 10:54 AM
Just a small journal entry to tell you that there are no raids available right at the start of expansion. First raid (Mogu'shan Vaults) will open one week after launch and the rest are coming at later date. We probably will have a raid up for week 1 of expansion but our expectations are to start raiding 2-3 weeks after launch rather. All depends how fast people level up and get geared for raiding.

Of course you should be reading the tactics to raids while gearing up so you are prepared and we don't have to go all Illidan on you.

by Zkal on Sep 20, 2012 at 10:05 AM
You might have noticed that the right side has now an recruitment bar. You can now see what classes we think we need for Mists. So if you know a friend in need of a guild, tell 'em we are recruiting! We be taking applications through website and whispers. We also do check the guild recruitment thing inside the game but prefer those methods.

Last Dragon Soul raid was yesterday after long break, thank you for all that came. Hope everyone had fun even though we didn't aim for progress but having been on a break for so long it was obvious that everyone was going to be rusty. At least people got a chance to see how their classes work for raids in 5.x patch.

Firelands is on the calendar for today, let's see if we can do that raid also today. Aim is to do few achievements for those that missed them on the first time so people get the mount. After that we don't have any raids planned but if people want, we can go and try the earlier Cataclysm raids. Just drop a whisper to me if you want to raid those.

And to annoy people, I'll drop last paragraph in something else aka in Binary. Let's say it hints at something!


by Zkal on Jul 28, 2012 at 11:31 PM
Mists of Pandaria has finally been dated and it's September 25th! Make sure you are prepared for it.

The guild will also "wake up" then again, we've been having bit of break in activity as you might have seen. Pretty much necessary from time to time in order not to burn people down. Should be back to regular schedule with everything when the expansion hits.
by Zkal on Apr 23, 2012 at 08:01 PM
Ragnarök is representing in the Mists of Pandaria beta! The guild is up and running in Mekkatorque (EU) so if you have the beta, just give Me, Calamity, Catfish or Asho a whisp and we'll invite you.
by Zkal on Apr 02, 2012 at 11:32 PM
Many in the guild will or have already got an access to the beta. Hopefully everyone is having fun there and learning new stuff about monks and the new talent trees! If you aren't in the beta, hopefully you be looking at the new talent trees and seeing how fun they are!

If people so desire, we could perhaps create Ragnarök for the beta realms too whenever we get enough people with the invite there. Just post here if you have chars in the beta and we'll see what we can do.
by Zkal on Feb 12, 2012 at 02:05 AM
January arrived and left, leaving us alone with February and all of the fun stuff during it. We've got Lunar Festival (ended already perhaps? I'm not sure.) and at the same time Darkmoon Faire and Love is in the Air! Lot to do if you care for such events.

Also we finally do have a legendary which also means that there will be no Firelands anymore ever from me. Personally see it a shame since I enjoy FL more than DS but the feedback has been negative around continuing FL raids so we won't do that. That's why we can't have nice things people! People turn them bad :o

In regards to Dragon Soul and Heroic modes. We've already started taking babysteps in there by killing Morchok on heroic and we will most likely dedicate a whole day for Heroics in the future. So come prepared to wipe all evening if necessary!

Alt raids will also be on the calendar for the future because people might have alts that they want to try. However not a guarantee. Depends if I'm in foul or good mood if I make any alt invites! We are also open to feedback over Rated BG's once more. Do you want them? Would you actually show up for them and so on.

Before I stop my whining for the moment, I'd like to remind people that yes, Guild Bank stuff is there for your use. You all can buy stuff there with the points you get so start using them. There are some nice potions for raiders etc. Do check it out and contact officers to get some nice stuff for yourself from there!
by Zkal on Jan 08, 2012 at 01:14 PM
It was a surprisingly fast clear of Dragon Soul to be honest. Before the raid was out, I didn't expect us to have cleared it by now but I guess many people were surprised in the speed in which the raid was cleared.

This just leaves our eyes looking towards the Heroics. We most likely will not enter them right next week but a week after that. We still need some gear from just the normal version so it might be best to get that. I'll ask the raiders on the day when we go to DS if they want to gear up or try some heroics.

On the mean time we will keep doing Firelands too and that is why the invites have changed. No more will you know what raid we will go to until all of you have been invited to the raid. This should make accepting all raid invites as big priority as it should be. Gear is secondary objective in raiding, primary is always to go there and have fun with the guild by killing stuff.

To add some more reasons to go for Firelands, we are going to start working our way to get the Glory of Firelands Raider Meta achievement which means a mount. I'm pretty sure many of you want one so let's get on the job!

Excellent job everyone with DS Normal! Let's keep that excellency while we work with Heroic DS and FL!
by Zkal on Dec 06, 2011 at 11:09 PM
First week of Dragon Soul behind us now and progress has been good. Not stunning to me but maybe to others in the guild but hey, raid leader has to be always bit critical!

When looking back at the first four bosses, which were also available for LFR, our performance was solid throughout. Morchok and Yor'sahj were one shotted easily which got us many wondering how hard Dragon Soul really is. After that we fumbled a bit on Warlord Zon'ozz, partially due to my fault for figuring out a really bad way to do it at start. Nevertheless we figured him out and killed him quite easily after that. Final boss of that part of Dragon Soul was Hagara and she too was quite easily killed with some comical relief too (warriors jumping in front of Ice Wave ftw?).

Then came Ultraxion and "the button". Smashing your head agaisnt a wall for such a long time can be bit..painful. In the end we did manage to squeeze out enough to kill it. Though I have to be thankful for the boss for it revealed some weaknesses we have, mainly the weakness in our dps side. I implore each of our dps to go have a look around the net a bit and see if there is something how you can improve your dps for future attempts. You do a good job overall but extra is always nice.

After Ultraxion was finally downed and we got rid of "the button" came forth the lootship of Cataclysm, Warlord Blackhorn. Again, this boss highlighted bit of our lack in DPS department but Ragnarök is stronger than anything out there so we just hammered him down after many, many tries during which we slowly put together a coherent tactic for the boss.

Overall I'd say we've succeeded quite well in Dragon Soul. Tacticwise everyone has done marvellous job with few mistakes here and there but those happens when you try to be on the very edge of your performance. When looking at performance compared to the gear we have, some more performance could be expected from everyone including myself.

That's it for this weekly report for the raiding side of things! I decided to make one of these just to analyze stuff and think over the things that happened in the course of the week to see my own mistakes and see where we could improve.

Next week let's go and kill Deathwing and have fun while doing it!
by Zkal on Dec 05, 2011 at 10:26 AM
With new content, the earlier content always fades away slowly. Firelands will however hopefully stay on our calendars long enough for the guild to see few legendaries.

Of course this also brings the thing that we will take new people to Firelands. It's not current content, we can do it with new people. This in return will bring the issue of loot to forefront. Some of you still need some loot from Firelands most likely even if you almost have full Firelands gear. However you have to see that it is not the current content. We do not question your need but only that there is newer content to gear up with. Thus we see no issues giving loot without going through "Does this player really deserve this loot?" type of things. It's last content patch content, they do fully deserve that.

The guild has gone through 4 years with rolling without major issues. Sure, people are angry over how loot is given (myself included) from time to time. Does that mean we will change the system? Not now, no. We however expect players to think a bit over loot of course. Do I really need this piece of loot? Do I have chance to get better item soon? All good questions to ask when looking at loot. Most of the gear that is available for drop in Firelands has a better item waiting for you in Dragon Soul. Remember that always when rolling for gear in Firelands.

Remember that we consider the guild to be casual guild. Our performance in raiding has been great for the past few months but foremost we are a casual guild. Fun is the aim no matter what.
by Zkal on Nov 29, 2011 at 10:12 PM
You might have noticed the GMOTD that has told you that a Point System was coming to our guild. It's time to make a short post on that matter and reveal bit more details over it. I'm going to be short and just tell you how you can gain points and how you can use them.

How to gain them? Easy, be on time for raid. Even if you are not chosen, you will still get points + small bonus for not being able to get the points that are awarded at the end of the raid evening. That's pretty much how you will gain points.

What do you get with them? Guild Bank stuff. We have a new tab titled "Points" which will contain all of current expansion stuff that you might find useful for your characters. You can buy these things with your points.

Do note that loot drops will not be under this system. It's still the simple roll system for that and it'll stay like that.

That's pretty much it. We'll probably start awarding points already for DS raids but do note that the system is not totally finished yet, we are still thinking for example over the pricing of items.

by Zkal on Nov 18, 2011 at 01:37 AM
New patch is closer and closer to the horizon which also means a new raid. What will this mean for our Firelands runs? Not much hopefully. It won't be the main content anymore but it'll still give Legendary staff which I think we all agree is good to get for as many as we can. It'll be the best for casters for the whole expansion so would be great to have it for our numerous casters.

It will probably mean however that instead of doing Heroics, we might at least for start do just one night of normal runs in Firelands. Main focus will be at Dragon Soul so that requires more nights than Firelands Heroics. That doesn't mean we won't revisit them though, we probably will when the time is right.

On top of that, we probably won't clear Dragon Soul fully on the first night it's out so Firelands will provide us with Valor which we can use. It'll be far less than it currently gives (only 350 Valors) but it is a way to get the valors if you really, really hate the heroics.

So don't get too tired of Firelands, it'll still be on our regular schedule for a while (until I get mah legendary at least!)
by Zkal on Nov 13, 2011 at 12:34 PM
Calendar invites have always been the backbone for many guild activities. As WoW has expanded, so has the amount of events for which an calendar invite can be created. We try to provide invites for all of these events so interested parties can do these events with their guild mates instead of finding random people doing them.

However in order to keep us doing these invites, we require bit of politeness from you too. If you do sign up for an event, please be online then and be ready to join for the event. It is always an annoying thing when people who have signed up don't show.

We won't prosecute you if you do fail to come on but we would deeply wish that if something comes up you should try to change your status to declined in the invites. It'll save lot of trouble and make everyone happier.
by Zkal on Nov 06, 2011 at 07:55 PM
As some of you might know, in the Patch 4.3 there will be a Looking For Raid option available which will form a 25-man raid to Dragon Soul. This LFR will have separate difficulty and gear from actual DS10 and 25 (read easier and worse loot). It is a good way (if you can manage through the suffering that is called pugs) to learn the fights and get some decent gear.

We however won't tell you to go do it. It's up to you if you feel like you have an hour or so to try the bosses with a pug and get to experience what it is to be 25 man raider if you so want. If you are going to use LFR, remember that you will be representing Ragnarök in it. Don't be evil unnecessarily and be polite.
by Zkal on Oct 27, 2011 at 08:49 PM
We've ventured far within the realm of fire and have banished even the most powerful lords of Fire on normal mode. This has let us toward new challenges, Heroic modes. Which is why it is important to make some posting about things that you have to realize for heroic raiding.

One thing that I want to everyone stop and think about for a second is that for Heroic raiding, even if it is only 10 man, the raid composition plays a huge role. No, you can't just take infinite amount of ranged and skip melee or other way around. Normal composition for 10 man raiding is 2 melee and 3 ranged.

Think about that for a second. Think about what it means when building a raid. It means that we have to make though decisions sometimes. You might not get raiding for the heroic nights and you should be fine with it. We will always give you normal raiding in one form or other but for Heroic modes we have to be more strict. We cannot just throw a raid together and call it a day. No, we have to make sure we have wide variety of classes and roles in the raid. It's not as big cakewalk as normal is as you might imagine.

One other thing is preparation. It is quite much demanded to check tactics for normal mode but it is utterly required for heroic mode. If you don't know tactics for example as a DPS, you will wipe us. This can be saved by you studying the tactics before. Do it. Saves the repair costs of all the guild since our wipes will then be only about finding the right balance of things to kill the boss.

Quite the wall of text as you see. Important points though and I hope everyone will read this since this text contains the basis of how we choose raiders for heroic modes. If you can't make to raid and wonder why, come back here and read this text again with serious mind. You will realize soon why I had to leave you out for the raid. That doesn't mean we won't try to be fair even in Heroics. It's just that for those modes you will normally have to wait for next week to get to attempt them.
by Zkal on Oct 15, 2011 at 12:48 AM
As you might have heard or seen, Dragon Soul patch (4.3) is now on PTR and raid testing has also begun. News of the fights and new items are slowly coming down the wires.

Always with new patch questions arise that how should one prepare for the new challenges ahead of us. To help people with those, for the first time ever I'm actually watching PTR raid testing whenever it's available and try to get together some kind of tactics based on the PTR testing.

My tactics arent meant to replace the proper ones that TankSpot etc do. They are here to give you a short, basic overview what must be done in a fight. If it helps people to understand how a fight goes, that's good. As such I'd like to hear some kind of comments of the tactic threads. Are they helping you? Or do you just ignore them?

All of the tactics are available in the "Strategies" part of the guild forums. Go check them out.