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Recruitment & Other Stuff

by Zkal on Sep 20, 2012 at 10:05 AM}
You might have noticed that the right side has now an recruitment bar. You can now see what classes we think we need for Mists. So if you know a friend in need of a guild, tell 'em we are recruiting! We be taking applications through website and whispers. We also do check the guild recruitment thing inside the game but prefer those methods.

Last Dragon Soul raid was yesterday after long break, thank you for all that came. Hope everyone had fun even though we didn't aim for progress but having been on a break for so long it was obvious that everyone was going to be rusty. At least people got a chance to see how their classes work for raids in 5.x patch.

Firelands is on the calendar for today, let's see if we can do that raid also today. Aim is to do few achievements for those that missed them on the first time so people get the mount. After that we don't have any raids planned but if people want, we can go and try the earlier Cataclysm raids. Just drop a whisper to me if you want to raid those.

And to annoy people, I'll drop last paragraph in something else aka in Binary. Let's say it hints at something!




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