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Plans for raiding

by Zkal on Sep 14, 2016 at 10:42 AM}
As you've seen from the calendar, we have been checking how many people we have for raiding and what specs. Based on that it seems like we have enough people so we can start raiding!

Current plan is to do raids on Wednesday and Sunday with Wednesday being shorter and Sunday the longer day. Wednesday raids should be like from 21 to 23 while Sunday should be from 19-23 or how people best are available.

Since the raids are flexible, we can take whatever amount of people as long as minimum of ten players is available. That ten should contain at least 2 tanks and 2-3 healers.

We will not have any item level requirement so you can come even bit weaker geared character, though we do wish you to have at least gathered some gear before raiding.


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