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Living Embers

by Zkal on Aug 17, 2011 at 09:45 PM}
After long, maybe somewhat wrong timed, decision making, we decided finally this night to let people roll for Living Embers. Rolling was allowed for those that are able to get useful items for their main specs.

Some of you might see this as unfair to let only people who were raiding to roll for them and it is kind of true. However, in a situation like this, there is no fair solution. To be able to get all the active raiders to roll for items will be almost impossible. This is one of the few moments where a DKP system would be useful but for multiple reasons we don't have one.

What officers chose was instead the best of the worst options we had. To let the people who were in the raid right at that time to roll. The people in the raid were mainly composed of those that are active raiders and are seen almost on weekly basis in our raids. These people have earned the right to get the Embers.

If there was any other, good method of choosing how to share these we would have used it. Unfortunately there isn't. All of the options we have are limited and none of them will please everyone.

We hope that everyone will understand the basis on why we did as we did and realize that no matter what, there will be enough of the Embers for everyone to get a chance to get items.


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