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Farming bosses

by Zkal on Sep 14, 2011 at 11:39 PM}
Our raiding in Firelands has reached a point where we can safely say that we've got 4 bosses out of 7 in farm atm, with Alysrazor joining that club pretty soon. This also means that everyone is expected to know the tactics for those fights, even the way our guild does it, even if they come for the first time to raid with us.

This means that you have to be proactive in getting info. Read tactics online, ask fellow guild members of the farm bosses and how we do it. It is waste of time to start explaining over and over again how to deal with farm bosses that we should be able to kill in one night.

For progress kills, it is suggested you look for tactics but be prepared for us to work on them instead of just applying them. What works for others might not work for us so we are ready to adapt everything for us.

Just thought I'd make this friendly remainder on how you should approach raiding with the guild, especially with bosses that are on farm.

Well done so far everyone! Let's add few more feathers for our Firelands kills sooner rather than later ;)


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