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Nerfs nerfs nerfs

by Zkal on Sep 20, 2011 at 10:25 PM}
Firelands is being nerfed after barely being out. Is it a bad thing? Maybe. Feels somewhat bad for Blizzard to nerf bosses before we kill them but that's life.

Doesn't mean we haven't done a good job though. Just means that for whatever reason we just haven't had enough time to kill all. Might be because we didn't manage to get proper raids going for a while during that time. Might be because just had bad days and couldn't progress.

No matter what, we are still a very, very solid raiding group. Just time is agaisnt us and won't stop to see us through. We should be proud however to have done as well as we have. Yes, content will be easier from now on. Does it dimish what we have done as a guild, together? No. That is something none can take away from us.

So I hope you all still enjoy raiding after the nerfs!

(*tears* The nerfs, they hurt so much *tears*)


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