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Awww it's guilds birthday! *wall of text crits for over 9000k*

by Zkal on Oct 13, 2011 at 10:06 AM}
By now it's been over 4 years since Ragnarök was founded. My personal journey from Ragnarök starts on that very next day though I did cheat on the guild and join another one for a short while after I was kicked due to inactivity. Yeah, back in The Burning Crusade I wasn't really the most active player. Heck, it took a lot of me to just get myself over 60 even though I started playing during Vanilla.

Nevertheless, I've been part of the guild for a long, long time. During that time we've had our ups and downs as Dilys said yet it tells a lot of the tenacity of the people for the guild to still be here. We enjoy the guild and the atmosphere (if you ignore my constant trolling) and like doing things together (*winkwink*). On the way as a guild we have matured. We aren't anymore a guild that just gets a raid together and goes. We have learned to expect results too but the main thing is still that you have fun raiding.

As with any other guilds, the 4 years have seen a lot of people come and go both in normal raiders and leadership. We miss some of them dearly but we've found new comrades to go with, new leaders to deal with things always. Certain faces have turned from just another person in the guild to actual friends. That is probably the biggest mark of our success; we aren't just another soulless, raiding machine but we do create friendships some of which last through people leaving guild or WoW completely.

So thank you to the people who have stayed with us through the fires we have had to suffer from time to time. You make Ragnarök what it is today and as officers we are proud to have you all in the guild. Let's hope for another 4 years of fun in the World of Warcraft!



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