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Preparing for new content - raid tactics

by Zkal on Oct 15, 2011 at 12:48 AM}
As you might have heard or seen, Dragon Soul patch (4.3) is now on PTR and raid testing has also begun. News of the fights and new items are slowly coming down the wires.

Always with new patch questions arise that how should one prepare for the new challenges ahead of us. To help people with those, for the first time ever I'm actually watching PTR raid testing whenever it's available and try to get together some kind of tactics based on the PTR testing.

My tactics arent meant to replace the proper ones that TankSpot etc do. They are here to give you a short, basic overview what must be done in a fight. If it helps people to understand how a fight goes, that's good. As such I'd like to hear some kind of comments of the tactic threads. Are they helping you? Or do you just ignore them?

All of the tactics are available in the "Strategies" part of the guild forums. Go check them out.


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