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Heroic modes

by Zkal on Oct 27, 2011 at 08:49 PM}
We've ventured far within the realm of fire and have banished even the most powerful lords of Fire on normal mode. This has let us toward new challenges, Heroic modes. Which is why it is important to make some posting about things that you have to realize for heroic raiding.

One thing that I want to everyone stop and think about for a second is that for Heroic raiding, even if it is only 10 man, the raid composition plays a huge role. No, you can't just take infinite amount of ranged and skip melee or other way around. Normal composition for 10 man raiding is 2 melee and 3 ranged.

Think about that for a second. Think about what it means when building a raid. It means that we have to make though decisions sometimes. You might not get raiding for the heroic nights and you should be fine with it. We will always give you normal raiding in one form or other but for Heroic modes we have to be more strict. We cannot just throw a raid together and call it a day. No, we have to make sure we have wide variety of classes and roles in the raid. It's not as big cakewalk as normal is as you might imagine.

One other thing is preparation. It is quite much demanded to check tactics for normal mode but it is utterly required for heroic mode. If you don't know tactics for example as a DPS, you will wipe us. This can be saved by you studying the tactics before. Do it. Saves the repair costs of all the guild since our wipes will then be only about finding the right balance of things to kill the boss.

Quite the wall of text as you see. Important points though and I hope everyone will read this since this text contains the basis of how we choose raiders for heroic modes. If you can't make to raid and wonder why, come back here and read this text again with serious mind. You will realize soon why I had to leave you out for the raid. That doesn't mean we won't try to be fair even in Heroics. It's just that for those modes you will normally have to wait for next week to get to attempt them.


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