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Firelands after Dragon Soul

by Zkal on Nov 18, 2011 at 01:37 AM}
New patch is closer and closer to the horizon which also means a new raid. What will this mean for our Firelands runs? Not much hopefully. It won't be the main content anymore but it'll still give Legendary staff which I think we all agree is good to get for as many as we can. It'll be the best for casters for the whole expansion so would be great to have it for our numerous casters.

It will probably mean however that instead of doing Heroics, we might at least for start do just one night of normal runs in Firelands. Main focus will be at Dragon Soul so that requires more nights than Firelands Heroics. That doesn't mean we won't revisit them though, we probably will when the time is right.

On top of that, we probably won't clear Dragon Soul fully on the first night it's out so Firelands will provide us with Valor which we can use. It'll be far less than it currently gives (only 350 Valors) but it is a way to get the valors if you really, really hate the heroics.

So don't get too tired of Firelands, it'll still be on our regular schedule for a while (until I get mah legendary at least!)


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