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Old content loot

by Zkal on Dec 05, 2011 at 10:26 AM}
With new content, the earlier content always fades away slowly. Firelands will however hopefully stay on our calendars long enough for the guild to see few legendaries.

Of course this also brings the thing that we will take new people to Firelands. It's not current content, we can do it with new people. This in return will bring the issue of loot to forefront. Some of you still need some loot from Firelands most likely even if you almost have full Firelands gear. However you have to see that it is not the current content. We do not question your need but only that there is newer content to gear up with. Thus we see no issues giving loot without going through "Does this player really deserve this loot?" type of things. It's last content patch content, they do fully deserve that.

The guild has gone through 4 years with rolling without major issues. Sure, people are angry over how loot is given (myself included) from time to time. Does that mean we will change the system? Not now, no. We however expect players to think a bit over loot of course. Do I really need this piece of loot? Do I have chance to get better item soon? All good questions to ask when looking at loot. Most of the gear that is available for drop in Firelands has a better item waiting for you in Dragon Soul. Remember that always when rolling for gear in Firelands.

Remember that we consider the guild to be casual guild. Our performance in raiding has been great for the past few months but foremost we are a casual guild. Fun is the aim no matter what.


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