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Dragon Soul Weekly Report (DSWR)

by Zkal on Dec 06, 2011 at 11:09 PM}
First week of Dragon Soul behind us now and progress has been good. Not stunning to me but maybe to others in the guild but hey, raid leader has to be always bit critical!

When looking back at the first four bosses, which were also available for LFR, our performance was solid throughout. Morchok and Yor'sahj were one shotted easily which got us many wondering how hard Dragon Soul really is. After that we fumbled a bit on Warlord Zon'ozz, partially due to my fault for figuring out a really bad way to do it at start. Nevertheless we figured him out and killed him quite easily after that. Final boss of that part of Dragon Soul was Hagara and she too was quite easily killed with some comical relief too (warriors jumping in front of Ice Wave ftw?).

Then came Ultraxion and "the button". Smashing your head agaisnt a wall for such a long time can be bit..painful. In the end we did manage to squeeze out enough to kill it. Though I have to be thankful for the boss for it revealed some weaknesses we have, mainly the weakness in our dps side. I implore each of our dps to go have a look around the net a bit and see if there is something how you can improve your dps for future attempts. You do a good job overall but extra is always nice.

After Ultraxion was finally downed and we got rid of "the button" came forth the lootship of Cataclysm, Warlord Blackhorn. Again, this boss highlighted bit of our lack in DPS department but Ragnarök is stronger than anything out there so we just hammered him down after many, many tries during which we slowly put together a coherent tactic for the boss.

Overall I'd say we've succeeded quite well in Dragon Soul. Tacticwise everyone has done marvellous job with few mistakes here and there but those happens when you try to be on the very edge of your performance. When looking at performance compared to the gear we have, some more performance could be expected from everyone including myself.

That's it for this weekly report for the raiding side of things! I decided to make one of these just to analyze stuff and think over the things that happened in the course of the week to see my own mistakes and see where we could improve.

Next week let's go and kill Deathwing and have fun while doing it!


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