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by Zkal on Jan 08, 2012 at 01:14 PM}
It was a surprisingly fast clear of Dragon Soul to be honest. Before the raid was out, I didn't expect us to have cleared it by now but I guess many people were surprised in the speed in which the raid was cleared.

This just leaves our eyes looking towards the Heroics. We most likely will not enter them right next week but a week after that. We still need some gear from just the normal version so it might be best to get that. I'll ask the raiders on the day when we go to DS if they want to gear up or try some heroics.

On the mean time we will keep doing Firelands too and that is why the invites have changed. No more will you know what raid we will go to until all of you have been invited to the raid. This should make accepting all raid invites as big priority as it should be. Gear is secondary objective in raiding, primary is always to go there and have fun with the guild by killing stuff.

To add some more reasons to go for Firelands, we are going to start working our way to get the Glory of Firelands Raider Meta achievement which means a mount. I'm pretty sure many of you want one so let's get on the job!

Excellent job everyone with DS Normal! Let's keep that excellency while we work with Heroic DS and FL!

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This new invite system is quite fun and don't have much against it. I just want to raid when I can. Only trouble I see with it is that those who raid less frequently (yeah me) can't prepare as well beforehand. I haven't done DS bosses even on normal and now I should learn those and get to know how hc fights in both DS and FL are different. I only have limited amount of memory...

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