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Monthly Whining

by Zkal on Feb 12, 2012 at 02:05 AM}
January arrived and left, leaving us alone with February and all of the fun stuff during it. We've got Lunar Festival (ended already perhaps? I'm not sure.) and at the same time Darkmoon Faire and Love is in the Air! Lot to do if you care for such events.

Also we finally do have a legendary which also means that there will be no Firelands anymore ever from me. Personally see it a shame since I enjoy FL more than DS but the feedback has been negative around continuing FL raids so we won't do that. That's why we can't have nice things people! People turn them bad :o

In regards to Dragon Soul and Heroic modes. We've already started taking babysteps in there by killing Morchok on heroic and we will most likely dedicate a whole day for Heroics in the future. So come prepared to wipe all evening if necessary!

Alt raids will also be on the calendar for the future because people might have alts that they want to try. However not a guarantee. Depends if I'm in foul or good mood if I make any alt invites! We are also open to feedback over Rated BG's once more. Do you want them? Would you actually show up for them and so on.

Before I stop my whining for the moment, I'd like to remind people that yes, Guild Bank stuff is there for your use. You all can buy stuff there with the points you get so start using them. There are some nice potions for raiders etc. Do check it out and contact officers to get some nice stuff for yourself from there!


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