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by Zkal on Oct 13, 2011 at 10:06 AM
By now it's been over 4 years since Ragnarök was founded. My personal journey from Ragnarök starts on that very next day though I did cheat on the guild and join another one for a short while after I was kicked due to inactivity. Yeah, back in The Burning Crusade I wasn't really the most active player. Heck, it took a lot of me to just get myself over 60 even though I started playing during Vanilla.

Nevertheless, I've been part of the guild for a long, long time. During that time we've had our ups and downs as Dilys said yet it tells a lot of the tenacity of the people for the guild to still be here. We enjoy the guild and the atmosphere (if you ignore my constant trolling) and like doing things together (*winkwink*). On the way as a guild we have matured. We aren't anymore a guild that just gets a raid together and goes. We have learned to expect results too but the main thing is still that you have fun raiding.

As with any other guilds, the 4 years have seen a lot of people come and go both in normal raiders and leadership. We miss some of them dearly but we've found new comrades to go with, new leaders to deal with things always. Certain faces have turned from just another person in the guild to actual friends. That is probably the biggest mark of our success; we aren't just another soulless, raiding machine but we do create friendships some of which last through people leaving guild or WoW completely.

So thank you to the people who have stayed with us through the fires we have had to suffer from time to time. You make Ragnarök what it is today and as officers we are proud to have you all in the guild. Let's hope for another 4 years of fun in the World of Warcraft!

by Zkal on Sep 20, 2011 at 10:25 PM
Firelands is being nerfed after barely being out. Is it a bad thing? Maybe. Feels somewhat bad for Blizzard to nerf bosses before we kill them but that's life.

Doesn't mean we haven't done a good job though. Just means that for whatever reason we just haven't had enough time to kill all. Might be because we didn't manage to get proper raids going for a while during that time. Might be because just had bad days and couldn't progress.

No matter what, we are still a very, very solid raiding group. Just time is agaisnt us and won't stop to see us through. We should be proud however to have done as well as we have. Yes, content will be easier from now on. Does it dimish what we have done as a guild, together? No. That is something none can take away from us.

So I hope you all still enjoy raiding after the nerfs!

(*tears* The nerfs, they hurt so much *tears*)
by Zkal on Sep 14, 2011 at 11:39 PM
Our raiding in Firelands has reached a point where we can safely say that we've got 4 bosses out of 7 in farm atm, with Alysrazor joining that club pretty soon. This also means that everyone is expected to know the tactics for those fights, even the way our guild does it, even if they come for the first time to raid with us.

This means that you have to be proactive in getting info. Read tactics online, ask fellow guild members of the farm bosses and how we do it. It is waste of time to start explaining over and over again how to deal with farm bosses that we should be able to kill in one night.

For progress kills, it is suggested you look for tactics but be prepared for us to work on them instead of just applying them. What works for others might not work for us so we are ready to adapt everything for us.

Just thought I'd make this friendly remainder on how you should approach raiding with the guild, especially with bosses that are on farm.

Well done so far everyone! Let's add few more feathers for our Firelands kills sooner rather than later ;)
by Zkal on Sep 13, 2011 at 09:41 PM
Few people have started to think that when a raid is going on, it's a smart idea to idle in the raid channel. It is not. The raid channel is meant only for the people in the raiding. You are not meant to be there unless you are in the raid. If you want to be on TeamSpeak, there are plenty of other channels for your enjoyment.

Logging to ask how the guild is doing in Raid channel is not prohibited but I'd rather have you do it in GChat.

So in short, raid channel IS NOT the channel for idling. The Bar is. Use it. Do not make me kick ban you for being rude person.
by Zkal on Aug 17, 2011 at 09:45 PM
After long, maybe somewhat wrong timed, decision making, we decided finally this night to let people roll for Living Embers. Rolling was allowed for those that are able to get useful items for their main specs.

Some of you might see this as unfair to let only people who were raiding to roll for them and it is kind of true. However, in a situation like this, there is no fair solution. To be able to get all the active raiders to roll for items will be almost impossible. This is one of the few moments where a DKP system would be useful but for multiple reasons we don't have one.

What officers chose was instead the best of the worst options we had. To let the people who were in the raid right at that time to roll. The people in the raid were mainly composed of those that are active raiders and are seen almost on weekly basis in our raids. These people have earned the right to get the Embers.

If there was any other, good method of choosing how to share these we would have used it. Unfortunately there isn't. All of the options we have are limited and none of them will please everyone.

We hope that everyone will understand the basis on why we did as we did and realize that no matter what, there will be enough of the Embers for everyone to get a chance to get items.
by Zkal on Aug 06, 2011 at 08:45 PM
We have marched valiantly to Firelands few times already yet kills have eluded our guild so far, even though we know we can kill certain bosses quite easily. For some this is the test of their patience, how long can they last trying until they give up? For some, it's part of the charm of raiding.

No matter what the failures will cause some negativity to brew in the raiders as we fail a boss that some consider to be a "certain" kill. This negativity will eventually find a way to manifest itself and in the end that will cause rifts between people in the guild.

However we should remember that as we succeed as a guild, we also fail as a guild. Failure of one is the failure of the whole guild. If you want to find someone to blame or slash out, it should be the raid leader. He is the right person to be angry at. He is the one who should make sure the guild performs at 100% efficiency during a raid. If they don't, he has failed in his duty.

Nevertheless we should all remember that this is a game. We are supposed to have fun and thus we should find something fun out of wipes too. Be it ridiculing Asho (darn, I love doing that) or something else but the end result is a tighter knit community.

That's what we want of Ragnarök and that's what we as officers are aiming for.
by Zkal on Jul 29, 2011 at 04:28 PM
As you might have noticed, we lost a member a few days back because he didn't get a raid spot that he wanted. As such it made me write this journal.

A guild is never about one person. Outside of the raid leader, there are no guaranteed spots even if it seems like it. Most often than not the persons that are almost always in the raid are there because we are in short supply of the role they do. Some of those persons have multiple characters capable of helping the guild raid.

As it has been said already on the forums, we will rotate spots as much as we can. We will try to give everyone a chance to raid each week. Can we promise that you will get to that one specific raid you want? No, we can't and we won't even try. We do however promise all of you to do our best to make sure you will get to raid as long as you want to raid.

This is not to say you can't "complain" about your lack of raiding. You can, doing the proper channels aka talking to the raid leaders. Do mention to them if you feel like you haven't gotten to raid as much as you should have and we'll have a look and see if that's true and if we can give you a bit more raids.

Probably a useless journal post but decided to make it in any case.