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About Us
Ragnarök is a casual raiding guild located on the Ghostlands-EU realm. We've been active since The Burning Crusade with quite stable core. We have always been an 10-man guild and always will be.

Our aim in regards to WoW is to have fun while doing things with guild. We consider us to be an raiding guild but we have plenty of active PvPers in the guild also. Raiding however is the main point in the guild and for that we take it easy. We do not demand 100% attendance rate nor do we use an DKP system. Main thing is to have fun with the guild.

If you feel like joining a tighly-knitted community then drop us an application or contact us in-game!

Guild Rules

Keep in mind that these rules are in place in order to make the guild a more fun place without massive amounts of drama - not to just have rules for the sake of having them.

Major offenses

Do not beg for free goods, services or money from strangers. You are representative of the guild whenever you deal with other people, act like it.

Don’t take advantage of new players
Do not overcharge for items, lie or auction house scams.

Racism is not tolerated
Racism has always been un-cool, you just show how immature you are if you make racists remarks towards another player.

Constantly offending another guild member
Guild mates are your comrades in this game. Treat them with respect to earn their respect. If you constantly harass someone in the guild we will take action.

Public chat channels
Do not spam, harass or insult people. Follow the WoW Terms of Service. Use /ignore if necessary instead of retaliating.

The Guild and You

Guild support
We are not here to give you free items, money or anything. Work for these items as others have before you. Try to avoid asking questions in the guild chat that can be easily answered under 3 minutes by searching the internet.

We are not here to give you free loot or award you loot constantly. Harassing someone over item they won constantly

We are not a boosting service. You may ask for a boost but do not constantly beg for one. Especially with the coming of the Looking for Group tool you should be using it to get a group instead of asking for a boost.

Guild chat
It is recommended to try to stay in topics that are suitable for both minors and adults. This does not mean that we’ll immediately warn you if you do talk about topic that is not suitable for minors. Just try to keep it in minimum when there are minors there who are not participating in the conversation.

Guild repairs
If guild repairs are open for you, it means that they are only meant for raid repairs. You aren’t supposed to use them outside of raiding. If you do guild repairs will be closed down. We aren’t made of money.

We are a casual guild. We do not care what other guilds do nor will we ever. Only people we want to beat is ourselves. If you want to raid, you will have to understand this fully. We do progress as fast as we want.

Blaming for wipes
Wipes happen in raiding or in dungeons. Blaming others will not get you anywhere nor does making excuses for your own mistakes. We do not kill you for making mistakes but we hate it when we see that someone is making mistakes and goes on to blame others for different mistakes. We are all friends here, rational discussion is a good thing. Yelling and blaming others is not.